Thursday, June 14, 2012

Les Drogues Sont Stupides.

Les Drogues Sont Stupides

Tonight I was digging through boxes looking for something which I never did find, when I came across some interesting papers from my school days.

Patrice may be the only one who will truly appreciate this, and please excuse my atrocious french grammar, but here goes... In grade eleven or twelve, (I'm not sure which, I just know it was in 1996) I handed in the following assignment for French class.

Garfield on Drugs.
Anything in brackets was added by my teacher. "Les Drogues sont stupides.  Le tabac donc idiot.  L'alco(h)ol ce n'est pas branché.  Ils ont un effet de très discernement.  Aider faire le Canada un pays sans drogues.  Juste (Simplement) dites non!  Un(e) Drogue-Liberté Garfield  -  Garfield avec les drogues.  Le choix est (le) vôtre."'s helpful French-English translator spews out the following translation:"The drugs are stupid.  The tobacco therefore silly. The alcohol that is not connected. They have a effect of very discernment. Help make Canada a country without drugs. Fair (Just) say no! A drug-freedom Garfield - Garfield with drugs.  The choice is yours."


  1. Love it! It's never easy to learn and eventually master another language. Despite the (hilarious) mistakes, the general gist was there and somehow you managed to make less mistakes on certain conjugations and other rules.

  2. Hope you got bonus marks for the illustrations!