Monday, September 13, 2010

Little people bring big smiles!

Yesterday morning I awoke at 6:15am as usual, got up and went to turn on the light to the main room.

Instead of the usual darkness and quiet, I was greeted by the unmistakeable sound of my niece and nephew coming down the stairs outside my door.

They announced that they had woken up when it was still night time (because it was still dark), and that Daddy was still asleep.

They had gotten up and dressed themselves, not unusual as they are now 4 and 6.  What was somewhat unsusual was the footwear my niece had on.  She's pretty small, even for a four year old, and it seems that she couldn't reach her sock drawer.  She was wearing a pair of red woolen Canada mittens as socks.

I must say, this sight, and the lovely early morning visit and story time as I got ready for work put a smile on my face, which is always a nice way to start the day.

Updated To Add:  Jenny has assured me that J can reach her sock drawer... she just enjoys being silly and putting random things on her feet in lieu of socks. *g*