Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Clean Burglars

Clean Burglars

Monday is my laundry day.  I live in a basement suite and the laundry room is in the main part of the house upstairs.  Yesterday when I got home from work C told me the washer was free & to go ahead and throw in a load of laundry.  After putting in the first load, I was caught in the middle of a fearsome battle and mistaken for a space pirate.  Pleading my innocence, I managed to escape the two Jedi-in-training to seek refuge downstairs.  Two and a half hours later I had managed one and a half loads of laundry, encountered one of the lightsaber-wielding imps who now seemed to be in bed dreaming of space battles won, and I went to check on the second load of laundry which was in the dryer.  Unfortunately the sheets weren't dry so I turned the dryer on again, hit the wrong cycle, turned it off, then back on again, each time the machine emitted a series of annoying beeps.  This done, I went back downstairs muttering about stupid machines that beep at you no matter what you do.

When I finally went back upstairs to collect my sheets, I opened the door from the stairs to the main house and there was C's mom right next to the stairway.  "Oh, you scared me!  I heard noises earlier and I thought there was a burglar in the house!" I hadn't even known she was babysitting the boys or I might have at least said hello earlier.  "I called C to see if she'd set the dryer to go on automatically or something because it just started beeping!  I'd forgotten you were downstairs and it was your laundry day."

I'm afraid I couldn't keep from replying to her admission: "Ah yes, because the clear sign of a good burglar is that they do a load of laundry as soon as they enter a house!"

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