Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fairy Doors

This Christmas I got Mom and J & the kids Fairy Doors.  Because I had a pulled back muscle the week of Christmas I was unable to make or buy some of the presents I had planned on giving, so I had to get a little creative with what I had available.  I recycled some items that seemed to fit the fairy theme and through the complete boredom of being immobile for 3 days, I came up with some (bad) rhymes to go with the gifts.  I share with you these bits of fairy verse.

First there were little vials of Fairy Dust (glitter) to go with the doors:
                   Fairy Dust
Sprinkle a little on your hand or wrist,
Then blow it away as you make your wish.

Then there was a note to explain the Fairy Door:
              The Fairy Door
'Tis written in ancient Irish lore,
Should you hang up this fairy door,
Then sprinkle fairy dust around,
And make a wish that it be found,
As the little folk do roam,
They may decide to call it home.
The fairy folk often come out at night,
But they like to stay just out of sight.
Try to be nice in all you do and say,
'Else the little folk may be frightened away,
But if you are friendly, and you are kind,
You may see little things that they leave behind.

The Fairies left a package "For Mommy's Eyes Only" full of items that could appear at J's Fairy Door from time to time.

Sometimes the fairies need us to help them out,
To find and tidy what they've left strewn about.
In their haste to hide, it would seem to me,
That they left a few things under our tree.
I've gathered them up, as they're surely not mine,
Perhaps they'll appear for your family to find.

I gave my nephew some of my old The Littles books:
N, I must admit, 'tis true,
These tomes are not brand new.
I found them on a dusty shelf.
The Littles are kin to Fae and Elf,
So I thought these just might do,
To share their tiny world with you.

My niece got a toy hammock for her room:
J, this gift I give to you,
Is gently used and not brand new.
With it you'll find,
A brand new kind,
Of way to store your toys.
Just watch out for naughty fairy boys!
You may want to quickly learn their names,
For they play some rough and tumble games,
They have such fun as they climb up high,
They may forget that stuffies can't fly!

J & the kids got a fairy swing:
The fairies will surely love this swing,
The Little folk love to play and sing.
'Tis as natural to them, you shall find,
As the lilt of their laughter, left behind.

Last but not least, Mom got a fairy chair:
Let's hope the fairy folk come 'round,
But just in case they seem unsure,
Near their door, upon the ground,
This seat may prove the perfect lure.

Mom has a room for the kids at her place and the old ironing board cupboard seemed the perfect place for a fairy door to appear.  We set hers up before the kids got there Christmas morning, and within minutes of their arrival, N had found the door, but chose not to mention it to his sister or mom.  Typical 9-year-old boy!  Over the last couple of months the fairies have left a few items for humans to find, a Christmas tree, a thimble, and a rope ladder to climb up to the ledge.  Time will only tell what other goodies they may leave behind.