Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July Is Here

Yesterday was rather hot and muggy in the Lower Mainland.  It was as if Mother Nature looked at the calendar, realized that it was July 1st, and decided to turn up the thermostat.  The heat was so bad at work that they tried turning off some of the lights in the back to cool off.

I walked to Safeway on my way home, and while I was paying for my groceries, the woman behind me in line asked for carry-out service.  Jokingly, I asked if she thought the carry-out lady would carry my groceries the ten blocks to my house for me.

"Ten blocks!? You're walking ten blocks in this!? I can give you a ride, your food will melt, it's really hot out there," offered the woman behind me.

I assured her that I could walk, no problem, had nothing frozen to carry, and pointed out that I only had two bags and that most of my walk was through the forest, which is shaded and therefore not as affected by the heat.  Both the woman and the cashier stared at me agape and pronounced that walking through the forest was even worse... dangerous even!  I laughed this off, assuring them that it was perfectly safe during daylight hours, and I walked through it daily on my way home.  The Semiahmoo Trail is a well-known and well-traveled walking trail that starts near my work and has a pathway leading from it less than a block from my house.

"No really, I can give you a ride," she insisted after some back and forth. "I promise I won't try to kidnap you.  I have enough kids at home, I don't want or need any more!"

I laughed, said thanks anyways, and walked home as planned, chuckling the whole way.