Saturday, March 1, 2014

Haircuts 2.0

You may remember a few years ago when I chopped off all of my hair and donated it? (Or several years before that when I did the same thing?) Well, I did it again. Only this time I didn't have the lovely J there to hold my hand and take me to an actual hair dresser... Nor did I have my Bronzer friends there to take me to get it cut by a barber in LA...*

I just did it myself at home... without anyone around to trim and tidy up the back, so there's no telling how uneven it is. I have a braid that's about 18 inches long waiting to be donated, and just above shoulder-length hair. I think this is actually the shortest my hair has been since I was about 4 years old! I tried the whole picture in a mirror thing, but can't get a good idea of how uneven it looks, so I suppose I'll have see if I can coerce someone into being kind enough to even it up for me sometime in the near future. 

After (I trimmed it a bit more after this and it got less straight, but more even in length front-to-back.)

I love it when my hair is really long, but I also tend to kind of hide behind it. When my hair is long, I get lots of comments about it, and subconsciously I figure that if people are looking at my abnormally long hair, and admiring it, they're not looking too closely at the rest of me (and I don't mean just physically). I also tend to literally hide behind it, pulling it around my shoulders like a cloak of invisibility or some such thing. Silly I know, but old habits die hard.

When I go for a drastic cut, it usually means I am gearing up for some change or challenge that I'm about to face. I'm taking off that cloak of invisibility and getting ready to face the world and tackle the next hurdle. I'm not entirely sure what that next hurdle is going to be this time around, but I've been thinking of cutting my hair for a few months now and the night before last I just got an overwhelming urge to do so RIGHT NOW BEFORE YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND AGAIN DAMMIT! So I did.

I keep hearing that song from West Side Story, “Something's Coming.” I don't know what that something is, but on some level, I'm gearing up for it, whether it be somethin new, good, bad, scary, challenging, or exciting... 

The haircut is just the first step... Something is coming... and I'm almost ready to face it... 


* The day I cut my hair in LA (PBP weekend) a large group of us got together in Cricket & Ivy's hotel room to watch that week's new episode of Angel.  That episode "Couplet" happened to involve one of the characters, a somewhat magical being from another dimension named Groo, getting a major haircut.  Just before Cordelia cuts his hair she asks: "Oh, wait. It's not like your strength is in your hair, or anything like that, right?"

His response: "No. I believe it is in my muscles."

While we watched this I was feeling a little under the weather, was wrapped in a blanket, and using my friend Becker as a pillow.  I believe there are pictures somewhere on the inter-webs to document this, along with before and after pics of my hair.

Once the scene ended and cut to a commercial, Becker looked at me with my newly cut hair and said something along the lines of: "So that's what's wrong with you!  Your power was in your hair!"*


  1. Kudos on your donation and transformation! I LOVE "Something's Coming." Positive and hopeful.

  2. Love this, JeanieBean. ♡
    And I also love your insight into deep change being afoot. In thinking about haircuts, I wonder if we feel 'lighter' afterward because we've just literally cut off cellular memory of everything that happened in our lives during the length of the hair growth.... We get to free ourselves of X number of years of energy. With your long hair, maybe that was something like 7 years..... Wowee! Pretty awesome!